#SabresMafia: Stop it, Buffalo.

We might just have to make a “Stop it, Buffalo” series.

On the heels of the success of the #BillsMafia, someone decided to copy-paste it into the Sabres game chat and try to make it a hockey thing.



Now breathe in, and do this with me:

GROOOOOOOOAAAAN/scream into pillow

I wasn’t going to write about this Sabres “mafia,” but it’s becoming a Thing, so… here… we… go…

4 Hot Takes:

1. The Sabres Mafia is Gaining Traction

Which is embarrassing.

The hilariously NSFW Bruins blog “Days of Y’Orr” was all too happy to pick up on this copycat effort. Here’s a few gems:

So the Sabres Mafia is apparently a thing, which I’ve already talked about. What I haven’t mentioned is that they somehow think that they’re going to rise up and take over Boston tonight. Are they serious? Have they been to a hockey game in Boston? You have jackoffs like this guy so doesn’t realize that Patrick Kaleta is the worse thing to happen to Buffalo since Scott Norwood’s foot.


The funny thing is, the morons who “ride or die” with the Bills Mafia are pissed that the Sabres Mafia is a thing. It’s like that episode of South Park where Timmy and Jimmy get the in the cripple fight. You know it shouldn’t be happening because it’s such a stupid thing, but you can’t look away because one side is just as moronic as the other.


So I hope the Sabres Mafia enjoys the whirlwind that DOY and our readers are going to put you through.

Yea, I think we get it.


2. #SabersMerfia

#SabersMerfia is a Twitter hash tag created to deride/hunt down the mafia beast and hopefully help kill it. “Two in the Box,” a Sabres blog (which I highly recommend) wrote a nice piece on it. You can read it here.

Last night myself and Scott from Buffalo Sabres Nation started joking around with the #SabersMerfia hashtag and I think this could be a terrific way to poke fun at certain Sabres fans who like to call the whiner line and complain about other obnoxious things.

That paragraph is the best thing to come out of this Sabres Mafia nightmare. It will remain the best thing to come out of this Sabres Mafia nightmare.


3. #HockeyMob

THIS is a good idea. THIS is an expression of our collective hockey IQ. THIS is a sincere gesture that creatively represents the Sabres fan base. Attend it. Support local biz. Have a great time.


4. Mafias kill people. My god people, have you even been reading the news out of Mexico for the past ten years?

Yea there’s that.


For those of you who did not click on the link to “Two in the Box,” shame on you. Also, this is what I left there in the comments section, on a day wherein I thought this whole Sabres mafia joke would quickly disappear:


#SabersMerfia: hilarious.

I was going to write a post about my thoughts on this, but I’ll add to yours here (and then hopefully the “Sabres Mafia” idea will die a quick death).

“Sabres Mafia” is a ridiculous idea. Sabres Twitter was solidified when Jeremy White created his #SabresChat list. When that list was put together, it brought us all together, as fans, on Twitter. Game nites became something new – and fans got together, socially, under the banner of the Blue and Gold. What would a “Sabres Mafia” do for us, as a fan base? Where is there a need for a new hash tag, or social fan group?

Here’s the main problem I have with this.

One of the main reasons the #BillsMafia is so successful, is that the Bills suck. Holy crap, they have been terrible, historically terrible, for 13 years. Still, the Bills’ fan base is a proud one. It’s passionate, it’s nation wide, and it is constantly berated on all the medias for its crappy football product. The Bills “mafia” is almost like a psychological defense: it keeps (some) of our fans proud of the Bills and keeps them (mostly) immune to the chirps from outside of WNY. (And of course the “mafia” does great things for Roswell, so there’s that.)

Meanwhile, the Sabres have been pretty good. The club hasn’t won a championship, but they’ve been damn close, and have been popping up in the playoffs every so often. The team itself is solid, respectable, and somewhat of a contender moving forward.

We just don’t need a gimmick. We don’t need free tickets after the lockout, and we don’t need a social umbrella to protect our egos from a decade+ long deluge of losses. And sorry to all of you Bills mafia members – we certainly do not need an endless stream of fans wearing blinders and filling up the Twitter timeline with crap like “BILLS 4 EVER,” “Bills RULE no matter WHAT” and all the other delusional crap that comes out of some members. Whatever. It’s called “There’s always next year,” people.

All that being said:

#BreakfastMafia #SnowMafia #BuffaloMafia #ImCoiningALLTHEMAFIAS #BanditsMafia #BisonsMafia #BuffaloPhilharmonicMafia #ArchtectureMafia

Did I miss anything?

Oh yea – #GrainElevatorsMafia


Sorry for shouting at all of you wonderful people that come here to read my thoughts on the Sabres/shirk your jobs. But seriously. Enough with the mafias already.


3Dg3V 300x225 #SabresMafia: Stop it, Buffalo.buffalosabresnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/3Dg3V.jpg 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

This is the 3rd image that popped up in Google Images under “Sabres Mafia.”

Creepy. Just what the hell is this mafia planning?

Go Sabres.



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