SUCKera: Stop it, Buffalo.


Andrej Sekera gives the puck away, half of Buffalo wants Darcy Regier to trade him for a “bag of pucks.”

Tyler Myers gives the puck away, twice, pretty much all of Buffalo wants to have his babies.


We’re here to help. Read on, share this post*, and let us restore the city of Buffalo’s renowned #HockeyIQ on the blue line.

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Get it? It’s a (find the “suckera”) thinker. Anyway, stop being the mean cop, Buffalo. Also, I love Google Images.

We’ll post about this one more time, and then put the issue to rest here at BSN. Folks, Sekera is a stud.

“Did this moron just call him a stud?” Yes, Buffalo. He’s actually a very good, young hockey player.

Let’s prove this in three quick steps.


1. The Sekera Watch

Tyler Myers was just recovering from a troubling slump when he was injured. Christian Ehrhoff has provided some points from the point, but hasn’t produced the efficiency that saw him earn the award for Best Defenseman on the Canucks the last two seasons. Marc-Andre Gragnani simply refuses to hit. Mike Weber hasn’t been able to get his skates on the ice, and when he did, he was hurt. The rock-steady presence of Robyn Regehr is now a presence in the infirmary, as well. All the while, Andrej Sekera has quietly been putting together one of the better seasons of the defense corps. It’s time to show him some due respect.

We’ve been watching Sekera very closely here at BSN for a while now. Trust us. He is good.


2. The Hosers

The key stat is this: Andrej Sekera faced the 2nd most difficult competition among defenders along with the 3rd lowest offensive zone start rate, yet he allowed the least amount of shots among defensemen at 24.6 shots/60 min as well as the highest Relative Corsi rating among defensemen. To clarify, he shouldered the 2nd most difficult minutes on the team and registered the best shot rate and Corsi rating. Yes, he is inconsistent but over a season those high periods and low periods even out; at the end of the day, the numbers say he was arguably the Sabres best defenseman. Despite the role change, the significant decrease in Sekera’s offensive production is the only thing keeping him from a solid “A”.

If you haven’t read The Hosers post on Sekera’s last season, well that probably one of the reasons you may be on the #Suckera bandwagon. Read it. Get off the wagon.


3. HF Boards

Go ahead and rank these 6 defensemen based on their total performance this past season… if you come out with a ranking that doesn’t have Sekera as #1, then you’re doing it wrong.

Normally we’d like to cite a blog or a good MSM piece to back up our punches here, but this message-board post on Sekera is absolutely fantastic.


Still want to call him “Suckera?” I didn’t think so.

Now go out there and get yourself a nice Sekera jersey.

Go Sabres.

*Seriously. Share this post. This “Suckera” BS needs to die. Quickly.

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