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BSN Poetry SLAM! #BecauseItsTheLockout

I love this tag cloud.

Courtesy of Wordle: 300w" sizes="(max-width: 581px) 100vw, 581px" />


1. Bills 90’s, y’all

Hell yea!


2. Generation tourniquet twist?

I think that pretty much includes alllllll of the sports fan Buffalonians. But especially this poor guy: 300w" sizes="(max-width: 401px) 100vw, 401px" />

The Greatest Silence. Damn you, lockout. Damn you for silencing one of the greatest poets of hockey lore. Damn. You.


3. Cartoon Bettman stupidity OK weekend, END SPORT?

The stuff of prophecy. I am Macbeth’s witches. Heed me or die, hockey fans. (“Heed me” means send me beer money . Or die.)



YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Not that anyone cares about what the fans say. Or what they pay for parking. Or what they pay for parking if there’s a compressed season of like 12 home games in one freaking week. Cry me a river about how the owners feel about the guy they hired to make CBA’s that they can loophole.

These days, that is all the NHL is – loopholes and future loopholes. This can’t be legal. But it is.


The NHL has incarcerated its fans with this firestorm inquisitor of hockey long enough. Cut off the head of the damn snake. Let hockey live. LET IT LIVE.

And of course…


5. Good fans.

I told you I loved this tag cloud.

Though, this should be #1. Ah well… #BecauseItsBuffalo



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