Vanek: Still the same #26 (actually #20, but still the same)

Check this out:


Vanek mouthguard Sabres Vanek: Still the same #26 (actually #20, but still the same)

He’s lazy and intense at the same time.


Now, check this out (from his new Lockout team):


Vanek Graz 99ers 300x210 Vanek: Still the same #26 (actually #20, but still the same) 456w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />


Look familiar? Now, check this out:



Also looks familiar: Vanek camped strongly in the crease, screening, goddamn unflappable, and goddamn good at helping pucks find the net.


Remember this? (From ESPN, 2011):


(Neil Greenberg.)
Thomas Vanek has been tops in true talent shooting percentage in the NHL.
As we know from watching hockey games, a player might not perform at his talent level every game. Fans and coaches alike wish that what they were observing was solely talent-driven, but the game doesn’t work that way. If we want to know a player’s true talent level, we have to estimate it from his observed performance.

One way to do this is with regression to the mean.

Suppose a winger scores a goal on two shots (50 percent shooting percentage) during a game and we want to estimate his true talent shooting percentage. Regression to the mean helps us find out how much, on average, our observed sample will reflect the shooter’s true talent, and how much it will reflect random chance or luck. The longer a player performs at a certain level, the likelier it becomes that level is his true talent level. So to find the league’s best shooter, we’ll want to look at a large sample size of shots.

Among the game’s active players who have taken more than 1,000 shots on goal, Vanek leads the league with a “true talent” shooting percentage of 15.1 percent.

For Vanek, nothing has changed (about his game). For Sabres fans, well, we’re missing out on TV in his prime. Thanks, Pegula, Bettman, and Co., for screwing this up. The potentially quite-elite playmakin’ Grigorenko will stay in the QMJHL now. A year of potential connectivity is gone.

Think about all that, look back up at those faces and that video, and tell me you wish Grigorenko was not centering Vanek right now. TV and Grigs could’ve been phenomenal this year.

Well, they are. Just elsewhere.


Grigorenko QMJHL1 Vanek: Still the same #26 (actually #20, but still the same) 300w" sizes="(max-width: 686px) 100vw, 686px" />

OH well. “There’s always next year.”



Holy crap this lockout sucks.

Go Sabres.


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