#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day – via @GrilledCheez, @LindyRuffsTie, Me

It’s a three way tie today.

Of course, no one wins the lockout game, but we can still attempt to have fun while our hockey world continues to disintegrate before our very eyes: SO MUCH SAD…

@GrilledCheez, undeterred by aforementioned all-caps sadness, decided to try to romance our beloved Sabres back into business (stick taps to @LindyRuffsTie):

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Not surprisingly, even the power of Peter Gabriel is powerless against Gary Bettman and co. Still, everyone give @GrilledCheez the “Hey – nice try, nice try!” lest our old little league coaches be disappointed in us.

Also, this made me want to grab an old Certron and make up an old fashioned mix tape. Briefly. It took hours to make those damn things.

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Glorious hours.

Next up is @LindyRuffsTie, who takes us from romance and mix tapes to the gates of Hades:

8aa7c4275a5755a79564f0ce84c4a9e1.124.43 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day   via @GrilledCheez, @LindyRuffsTie, Mebuffalosabresnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/LRT-Lockout-Tweet-1-300x104.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-) 100vw, 508px" />

Tie is never going to reveal his identity now. Lest Lucic kick his ass.

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