#Bills/Chiefs Preview: Computer Analysis Preview

We’ve consulted the oracle of football prognostication for Week 2:

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Hot bullet points:

  • Turnovers. Even pixellated 90’s Bills can’t hold onto the ball. Could be a terrible portent.
  • Untold story: Bruce Smith was a monster, registering 9 sacks, including 3 in a row to put an end to one of crappy Steve DeBerg’s comeback attempt drives in the 3rd quarter.
  • Big friggin’ plays. Okoye netting 120 yards on 6 runs, and Robbbbb Thomas’ 74 yards on 2 catches tells you how this game stayed close. Could be another (very likely) terrible portent.
  • Most of these big plays were a result of the LB’s quizzically standing still and simply watching the guy with the rock run past them. Watching them try to catch up with the late “Tecmo speed burst” was pathetic but hilarious. And chilling. Mark this down as another portent.
  • “Bills QB” missed every receiver not named Andre Reed. Terrible portent #4. Fitz, please use all your receivers (yes, even the one with the bad groin, the rookie, and the one that is technically a wildcat quarterback).
  • Bruuuuuuce with the game ball here, but the Thurminator really put in a consistent, dominant performance, and stayed away from oddball political statements, which was nice for a change. I’m starting CJ Spiller on my fantasy team this week.

Go Bills.


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