Fight the Power: Fans Unite to Destroy The NHL’s Lockout Death Star


With another NHL lockout looming, hockey fans are doing whatever they can (nothing) to help avert the work stoppage. JOIN THE FERVOR:

  1. Some die-hards are hitting the streets checking “Hockeyy Insiderr’s” Twitter to help spread his/her fan petition. (No, I am not linking to it, because he/she really just put it up there to further his/her own agenda. Go ahead, RT his/her petition, and send more people in the direction of his/her’s blog. GO FANS!)
  2. Strategic Idiotic boycotts (of… sponsors…) are being organized on HF Boards. Seriously? Seriously.
  3. Some fans are planning to occupy NHL arenas on Lockout Day (the 15th). This sends a strong “storm the Bastille” sentiment to owners who aren’t actually inside said arenas (they’re actually shirtless and drunk in Bohemian Grove right now). I’d link to this occupy effort shit too, but this is all just getting too damn depressing.


Online petitions? Seriously? Remember how those helped in 2005? Or like, ever?

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Just pinch a loaf. You’ll feel a lot better.

I am not here to call NHL fans idiots. That is Gary Bettman’s job.

I’m just here to tell you all what you already should know: you don’t have a say in this.

Online fan petitions? Sorry, folks. You could get a thousand signatures exclusively from children with terminal cancer, and all that the NHL would do in return is issue a “Gee, thanks for the passion, we’re rooting for you!” letter.

Boycotting sponsors? I had no idea the legions of hockey fans were so widespread across the nation/world.

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Hope you have trillions of dollars stored up for this, gigantic worldwide businesses. Yeap.

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