A New Science Breakthrough on Concussions?

There was some interesting news out of NBC yesterday.

Concussions have been a major talking point of the NHL and other pro sports these days, not to mention among youth leagues and parents.

The idea of “playing through the pain” is being reassessed, but there’s a new possible breakthrough on concussion prevention: strengthening the neck can help to prevent some concussions, particularly for girls.

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Concussions are affecting leagues of all ages.

‘People who think of concussions as only being present mostly in guys and mostly in the sport of football are just plain wrong,’ said Dr Bob Cantu, chairman of the surgery division and the director of sports medicine at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts. ‘Soccer is right at the top of the list for girls.’

In sports played by both sexes, girls are reporting nearly twice as many concussions. Researchers blame girls’ weaker necks as many young athletes are having to give up the sports they love.

Dr. Cantu says girls are reporting nearly twice as many concussions as boys, in the sports they both play.

‘I would hope it would not only make parents look at their daughters, but make every one of those parents insist their daughters are on a neck strengthening program if they’re playing a collision sport,’ he added.

For parents, it’s welcome news – finally, it seems there is something they can do to actually help prevent these injuries. For pro sports, it is something that should definitely be looked into by teams in the training room.

Hit this link for more information and video on what was uncovered on NBC, or watch the video below.


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