Open Letter to the Buffalo Sabres, Part 2

Dear Sabres:

I wrote you this note on February 3rd. Perhaps you did not get my message. You have only 16 games left in the regular season, and you’ve only managed to score 163 goals. Your worst season total is 190, which was set in 2002-03. Remember 2002-03?

2002-03 was not a fun season.

You know what is fun? Goals. Goals are fun. Please remind Thomas Vanek of that, so he’ll stop dropping the f-bomb all over himself and rediscover the simple joy of blasting the puck at the net.

Feel free, in fact, to paste this on his locker room stall.

Anyway, like I said on February 3rd:

Dear Sabres:

Biscuits go in here.

basket Open Letter to the Buffalo Sabres, Part 2

Just a friendly reminder.

C’mon Thomas and friends – give those fans at the FN Center something fun to cheer about. Remember when you got cheers at home? Yea, me too. Remember how to score goals? Yea.

I hate to be the “‘SHOOOOOT!’ Guy,” but seriously: SHOOOOOT.

Very Sincerely,


Go Sabres.

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