If we wanted Brad Marchand’s opinion, we’d be Bruins fans

And lets face it, no one really wants that.

In case it wasn’t that much of public knowledge, I am not from this city. I’m not even from this country. However, I have always considered it to be my pseudo home, as I’ve spent most of my life in western New York.

I was born outside a city nearly five times the size of Buffalo, I did a school report on how Buffalo is the 17th most dangerous city in America (or was it 13th?).

It’s too hot in the summer, too cold in the winters, too many pot holes, and still no one knows why it sometimes smells like sewage down by the arena.

However, I do love this city.

Apparently, others don’t agree.

 Joffrey Lupul acted like Buffalo was the only city to have empty parking lots and snow storms, Tom Brady is suddenly an expert on class.


Another reason to hate the Bruins.

 According to Brad Marchand, Buffalo is the worse city in the NHL, and apparently that makes it true. More so, because NESN is backing him up (we can’t even get WGR to do that).

In an article from the networks’ website about Marchand’s commentary, David Brumber wrote the following:

”  After the whole Tom Brady incident earlier this month, the city of Buffalo might need to take a hint and start cleaning up their act. “

Even hours after reading the article, I still stare at that one comment, trying to determine a proper response. Clean up what exactly? Is Tom Brady going to care if theres a little less trash in the streets, or of our buildings are a bit more spruced up? Will Brad Marchand buy a summer house here if the crime rates drop?

Surely, no one knows whats going on with the water front, but it’s still nice to look at. I assure you, none of the previously mentioned athletes have never seen any of our festivals, the Elmwood district, or Chippewa on a – sober- Thursday night.

And they certainly don’t know that the Goo Goo Dolls concerts are a little bit better in Buffalo than anywhere else.

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Ain't it something?

Maybe it’s easier for the second place team to tell the fourteenth place team to ‘ clean up their act.’ And I’m sure they just like to get a rise out of Buffalonians (both Lupul and Marchand have commented that it was just to stir up rivalry). Either way, we’re more likely to unleash an enforcer during the game than an insult on someones home city.

Sorry, Bradley, we don’t need your apology.

End Rant.

Edit: This post was written prior to the Bruins game on the 24th. Thankfully, the Sabres won so I did not have to alter the post, nor slash the Bruins bus tires so they’d be stuck in the the ‘ worse’ NHL city.

Because, you know, there are no other forms of transportation that could be used to get to the airport.





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