#SeedsOfGreatness Update: It’s a #Crapshoot Now

New meme!

Today the Sabres face off against the hated Bruins, for a pair of points that actually means something for the Sabres. While we’ve continuously insisted that the highlight of the season will be seeing Darcy Regier’s embarrassed smile at the draft lottery table, the Sabres continue to stalk 8th place – right now they’re just 7 points back, with 22 games remaining.

And the teams ahead of them aren’t exactly powerhouses.

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It's all snake eyes for the teams stalling out around 8th place these days.

Tampa? Crap.

Washington? Crap.

Toronto? Crap.

Florida? Crap.

We’ll count Winnipeg in this, too. Total crap. They’re in 3rd place, but only because they lead the crappy SE Division over Florida, Washington and Tampa. That division is so terrible that even its last place Canes are just 9 points away from stealing the grubby 2011-12 SE Divisional crown.



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Wow. Nice goal differentials, South East Division.

Yup. To get to 8th place, the Sabres have to leap over a lot of teams. Thankfully, all of those teams are awful.

The Sabres can get actually do this. Lindy Ruff may believe in his players and all that nonsense, but frankly, this whole 8th place thing is up for grabs.

May the best loser win.

Welcome to the #Crapshoot.

Get it trending.

Go Sabres.

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