Sabres GIFs: Leino Snowplows Thomas (Also, a #SeedsOfGreatness Update!)


Call it a “taste of defeet.”

Ouch. Sorry about that. Moving on. We’ll return to that thought, and the GIF, after a nice dose of BSN Kool Aid.

The Sabres drubbing of the hated Boston Bruins last night had many #SeedsOfGreatness moments, and has some media actually – officially  – pondering the Sabres slim playoff hopes. Welcome to my Kool-Aid stand, media!

buffalo jump Sabres GIFs: Leino Snowplows Thomas (Also, a #SeedsOfGreatness Update!)

The Sabres' streak has their free-fall frozen in time. How much of a miracle is needed to save these guys?

The Sabres run to 93 points remains on track. They now need to go 19-7-3 to get to that magic number. Can their recent momentum carry them that far? Possibly, but very unlikely. Still, it again got one game easier last night.

Here are some of our #SeedsOfGreatness from the game:

  • Kaleta continued to show that he’s back to his old self, and was an assist away from a Gordie Howe hat trick. While his fight against Lucic didn’t go too well, he took him off the ice for 5 minutes. Kaleta for Lucic? Advantage: Sabres. Beer earned, Mr. Kaleta.
  • Ennis was putting the Bruins’ heads on a swivel, and scored a dandy. It’s nothing new for Tyler, though. In 2010, he had 4 points in 6 playoff games against the B’s. He had 4 points in 6 regular season contests last season. He scored the shootout winner on 1-1-11 against them. The diminutive winger just seems to find a way to beat these big bad Bruins. Keep him on the squad, Darcy.
  • The loss was Boston’s worst showing since March 6, 2008 (a 8-2 loss to the Leafs). The Sabres had been playing the kind of games that get a coach fired. Last night they played the kind of game that turns a season around.
  • Ville Leino has finally arrived. He’s become outspoken in the news, is having fun, and claims he’s now comfortable with his teammates. His swagger is now noticeable on the ice, on the scoresheet, and all over Tim Thomas’ face. This is the guy the Sabres signed up for.

 Sabres GIFs: Leino Snowplows Thomas (Also, a #SeedsOfGreatness Update!)


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

leinosnowtweet Sabres GIFs: Leino Snowplows Thomas (Also, a #SeedsOfGreatness Update!) 300w" sizes="(max-width: 491px) 100vw, 491px" />

It's funny because it's true.

Some more Kool Aid:

  • The Sabres are currently the only team from 6th to 12th in the East with a winning streak. (They’re in 12th, 9 points out of 8th, where the Sens sit in a free-fall of their own.)
  • The Sabres improved to 8-4-3 against their tough NE Division opponents. (We’ll conveniently ignore how they’ve gone 6-7-1 against the terrible SE Division.)

Whether they’re on their way to a miracle run, or simply pausing on their way to regular season oblivion, the last few games sure have been a heckuva lot of fun. Enjoy the ride and the Kool Aid while it lasts, folks.

Oh, and the Dixie cups are free.

Go Sabres.

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