The Jig is Up.

(Another WTF post in honor of this “WTF Sabres?” season.)

No games on Time Warner cable.

And now no free streams on-line, which turned out to be illegal – shocking, I know.

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Don't feel too bad. Folks in China see this when they try to get to the Puppy Bowl.

What to do with our idle hands (the Devil’s workshop) now that we’ve been given the smack-down from TW/MSG, and now the Feds? This seriously has got to be the strangest season of Sabres hockey, ever.

As for me, well, I just saw an ad banner at the top of this website advertising World of Warcraft. It’s free up to level 20.

I got dibs on “Vanek the Destroyer.”

Also placing dibs on “Rayzor the Barbarian.”

I’m done supplicating to MSG, TW, the Sabres, and the Hockey gods to give us our hockey back. Screw dem guys. It’s time to find some Sens fans on the fields of Azgarth, or whatever is out there in WoW. Also prepping the bow for elitist Habs fans, and poisoning my arrows for those drunken orcish hoads of Leafs Nation.

They will all fall before us.

Go Sabres Legion.


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