Fast Facts for the Sabres return to dreaded NHL games


ggm071006l.jpg 242x300 Fast Facts for the Sabres return to dreaded NHL 323w" sizes="(max-width: 242px) 100vw, 242px" />The All-Star Weekend has come to a close, and Sabres fans are now forced to remember all the woes that have been lurking behind the team. I know, I know…it’ll be okay.

To get everyones minds fresh and ready for tonight, heres a quick list of Sabres fun facts to remind you of where we stand before tonights game.

10. The Sabres are currently in 14th place. If they win, they can bump to 11th or 10th place

9. They did win their last game prior to the All-Star break against the…well, who cares, we won. Start polishing off Stanley, here we come.

8. Ryan Getzlaf is, at the time of this publication, not a Sabre

7. Only 28 days until Trade Deadline Day

6. Only 29 days until Darcy realizes it was Trade Deadline Day

5. Corey Tropp is still technically a call up. I forgot he existed, to be honest, seeing as he can’t play for either team. Hopefully, he’s doing better.

4. Jason Pominville and Luke Adam did superior in the All-Star competitions. Jason Pominville scored in the game, but his team lost, so it’s not like he was given an evil taste of winning, not to worry.

3. Both Tyler Ennis and Paul Gaustad may return tonight

2. The Bandits season is underway. You know, in case you need a breather.

1. Sidney Crosby has not yet returned to playing. I know he’s not related to the Sabres, but a recent law was passed saying no blog entry, newspaper article, trade rumor, writing on bathroom wall can be published without mentioning him.

You think I’m kidding, Bettman is sitting next to me poking me with the blade of a box cutter.

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