A message from a less-than-disgruntled fan



I have to admit, working night shifts have kept me away from the ground zero of the Sabres dilemma. I know we stink, I didn’t finish watching the Blackhawks game the other night, but even when Pominville had the first goal, I knew we would lose.

Everytime I come home from work, there’s new fits of anger, and new trade rumors.

I haven’t watched a game since, and with the exception of the Devils game, I expect us to score early, rarely, and then quit.

As of right now, I’m not sure as to whether or not Ryan Getzlaf is actually a Sabre or not.

I’m a big fan of the saying ‘ it’s only -insert early season month here-‘ which I haven’t actually said November, but late January still holds promise. Teams that were on top in the fall are now slipping (and by ‘ teams’ I mostly mean the Minnesota Wild). It’s easier to fall than to rise, yes, but best to get all that bad stuff out before making a comeback.

I’m not trying to be an optimistic fan, I’m just one who isn’t going to let all the anger get to my blood pressure. Yes, its a sport we all know and love, and yes, we’re angry and its going to come out. However, we are not the defensemen, we are not the goalies, or coaches, or general managers. They’re not going to trade Derek Roy because Twitter said so, and I doubt we’re going to convince Bobby Ryan to leave Anaheim.

I went for weeks without actually looking at the standings. I know the Sabres hit rock bottom, and I know they also bounced out….to 14th, but it’s not rock bottom. There’s only a difference of five points between the 10th and 15th team. Not to mention, ten points between Buffalo and a playoff spot.

In the past two years, we’ve been eliminated from the first round of the playoffs when both ending the season at the top of our division, or scraping on by at the end of the season. Maybe we’ll trade Miller, maybe we’ll acquire a ‘ stay here until the end of the season but then go somewhere else’ player (say what you want, that happened to Brad Boyes).

Yes, we’re annoyed, but if you think it’s painful for you, compare notes with Tyler Myers following last nights game.

Lets be honest, nothing can be done in 140 characters or less.

In the mean time: lets go, Buffalo.

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