Sabres Lose Again; Pegula Daughters Bullied Online


Forget the season.

It doesn’t get any lower than this:

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Bullying is big in national news right now. It’s something we’re all very much in tune with, or at least, supposed to be in tune with. Ted Black had just discussed the Sabres’ own anti-bullying campaign at the Blogger Summit last week.

Unfortunately, there’s something about a mob that can’t help but get ugly as the losses pile up. This time, the mob was faceless, anonymous, just a series of icons and twitter handles giving the Pegula daughters grief  – kids, let me remind you – because their daddy’s team is floundering.

Let me quickly assert that it wasn’t a whole lot of people that bombarded their accounts, and that there were many that came to their defense. But my oh my, how low we sunk as a fan base last night, due to this rottenness.

Call out the players, the coach, and the owner, by all means the voice of the fan must be heard. But for anyone who reared up their ugly head to snap at Pegula’s kids, please stop watching the Sabres.

Just walk away.

Pick up your lazy, misguided hides and crawl along to some dark place, wherever it is where the diseased rats hide. We don’t need your fetid poison creeping into the hearts of Pegula’s, or anyone else’s children.

As unfortunate as this incident is, it’s not something that we didn’t see coming. From February 22nd’s “buffalo74:

Today, at 11am, Terrence Pegula will deliver what will easily be the easiest public address he will ever make in his life.

Well, at least since the one at Penn State.

“We’re going to win the Stanley Cup, and then you know what, we’re going to win it again.”

Since Pegula declared that sentiment to John Murphy of Channel 4, Sabres Nation has been supplicating to their incoming new owner, salivating at the thought of multiple Cups and All Star players stampeding to join the Blue and Gold.

It’s been fun, and the presser is going to be quite a pep rally.

But when he finishes answering that last question, gathers his papers, and walks away from the podium, the real work actually begins.

Players have never lined up to come to Buffalo.  Besides that fact, players and agents alike don’t hedge contracts on rookie owner promises.  The superstars of the NHL are going to want to see results – real progress, not words – before they see the Sabres as a viable destination for their careers.

Perhaps the greatest work Pegula faces now however, is not the maintenance of his team, but the protection of his own daughters.

And he has Channel 4 to partially thank for that, too.  I am not going to post a link to the article that 4 posted online yesterday, but I will quote a choice bit of it:

“Maybe they’ll be like our Kardashians or our Hiltons. These cool girls that want to talk to their fans on the internet and obviously have a lot of money.”

Paris Hilton?  The Kardashians?  Didn’t Paris Hilton set off the whole celebrity “videotape” thing?  Didn’t Kim Kardashian follow that trend?

The Pegula daughters innocent celebrity is already being transformed into a weird, tabloid suspense.  Just imagine how many creeps on the internet that have read the article, and immediately jumped on Twitter and pounded on that “FOLLOW” button.

No one can blame the Pegula daughters for embracing their sudden celebrity and trying to make something positive out of it – that’s great initiative to see.  But folks, they are minors.

Buffalo74 touched on the subject of simple respect regarding the Pegula Daughters before.

Let’s hope that after this goodtimes presser – that when fans don’t get the Brad Richards they were expecting, and when the Sabres don’t win a Stanley Cup overnight – that the upset and ire isn’t directed at these girls now in the spotlight.  It’s not their team.  They didn’t expect or ask to be thrust into an arena of adults.

Frankly, just by inheriting a team in Buffalo, Pegula has enough on his plate.  But his greatest task, as Channel 4 accidentally pointed out, will be something far, far more difficult and important.


I’m embarrassed.


But I won’t be silent. I just hope this blog post finds those bullying eyes, and helps them to blink, think, and say “I’m sorry.”

Go Sabres.

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