Sabres New Years Resolutions: Part One


It’s that time of year, again. When we all make New Years resolutions that have the shelf life of a dairy product. Going to the gym, eating more vegetables, spending more time with the in laws. We all make them, and we’re all lying to ourselves between now and somewhere around Valentines Day.

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Don’t lie, yes you are.

Buffalo Sabres Nation has gotten a sneak preview into the Sabres 2012 New Years Resolutions, and are sharing them exclusively with our readers. Please keep in mind, these are hand written by the players themselves, and should not be taken seriously in any way, shape, or form.

Brad Boyes

Start letting others do more on this team. I’m just one guy, it isn’t all about me

Luke Adam

Smile more, there’s so much in life that one can make goofy faces at

Zack Kassian

Stay on the team until I’m 21, don’t get arrested in the time following birthday

Marc- Andre Gragnani

 Keep Mikey off the healthy scratch list. Buddy deserves to play, even if I must sacrifice myself

Christian Ehrhoff

Learn Russian while injured

Brayden McNabb

Resolve the MSG and Time Warner Cable dispute. That will keep me on the team!

Robyn Regehr

Adopt all of Sarah McLachlan’s kitties and puppies. Maybe a few children, too

TJ Brennan

Challenge Tyler Myers to more arm wrestles using his bad arm. That will keep me on the team!

Thomas Vanek 

Do more for this team, I am simply not doing enough

Stay reading to see what the other boys are planning for a happier and brighter 2012.

Happy New Year!

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