Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 2012


Lockouts. Blackouts. Blockouts.

Be it football or hockey, Buffalo fans have been given a harsh lesson in the big money reality of pro sports. No matter who is in control of the money, be it the NHL, NHLPA, NFL, NFLPA, MSG, or Time Warner Cable, the fans are the last on the list of “Potential Risk Factors” when it comes to axing a season or a broadcast.

Heck, I’d be surprised if fans are even on such a list.

For those fans fortunate enough to have the money to attend games at the FN’ Center (and by fortunate, I mean monetary fortune), live action pro-sports are alive and well at their feet downtown. The Bills, of course, are done early this year. Meanwhile, subscribers to Time Warner Cable are out of luck. Due to a squabble between MSG and Time Warner, those who pay the big cable bills at the end of the month are now without Sabres coverage.

2012: the year Sabres fans learned how to illegally stream games on the internet. And how to work hand crank radios.

SabresRadio 300x239 Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 2012

Welcome back to the Golden Age of Hockey.

Nice shoes, kid.

The Sabres, well, they’ve got a long list of problems of their own. Despite their fantastic new locker room and medical facilities, they’ve gone from a very promising start to an outright sputter and stall. Malingering in eleventh place with an injury list that is as long as any that even Lindy Ruff can remember in his long tenure, there are not many ways to envision them crawling back up into the top 8 in the East any time soon.

Check out Brittany’s man games lost chart over at “Sabres in 7.” She’s doing her best to update it, as the injuries rush in faster than emails rush to fill up Time Warner’s customer complaint inbox.

TWFailCable Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 2012

Godspeed, employees of Time Warner's phone center. Godspeed.

MSGFailSatellite Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 536w" sizes="(max-width: 536px) 100vw, 536px" />

The bickering between @MSGFailSatellite and @TWFailCable has reached an all-time high. Enjoy.

As ridiculous as Time Warner and MSG’s treatment of their customer base is, I find it only fair to launch the equally ridiculous satirical Twitter accounts. If we’re going to suffer, we’re going to suffer by the dull edge of my bludgeoning wit, dangit!

MSGDanny Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 530w" sizes="(max-width: 530px) 100vw, 530px" />

Kenny Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 375w" sizes="(max-width: 375px) 100vw, 375px" />

Worst. Brofist. Ever.

For your statistical displeasure, here’s a shot of our sorry excuse for a team as of this sorry excuse for a post:

SabresJan2 Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 2012

-12 goal differential. Yikes.

SabresJan2Standings Big Challenges Face Sabres and Fans in 2012

38 points in 38 games. YIKES.


Mr. Pegula, thank you for the cup holders in 2011. Here’s to hoping you find a way to get us some Cup holders in 2012.

Go Sabres.

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