Count Your Damn Blessings



It’s pretty rare that I, such the Renassaince blogger, get down to cussin’ in my posts – and never, ever in a headline. Especially one so blasphemous. And h, e, double hockey shtick – it’s the holiday season.

Something has made me ornery, and it’s not this stale coffee. (Though that’s not helping.)

My wise old grandparents always told me to “count my blessings” when things are looking down. And as I now look down at the Sabres in 10th place in the Eastern Conference, I suppose now is the time. Consider it a therapy list. Here goes:

  • I have a gorgeous Liverpool Football Club mug to drink coffee out of. So long, slug. We’ll always have 2007.
  • I’ve realized how cathartic it is to split-screen the hockey games. Shooting arrows into the heads of goblins is stupidly refreshing while the Sabres are getting their faces washed.
  • Hey! I’m in the fantasy football championship game! Going for a repeat, too!
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The "Honkin' Harquebuses" might get me another crappy plastic trophy this week.

  • Terry Pegula says his tennis-playing daughter could have played better than Ryan Miller after that 8-3 game “against” the Pens. That is not only hilarious, but also tells us that he has a serious side, is not to be trifled with, and at any minute could turn off the vents in the locker room and let the players sit in the stink they carry in from off the ice. They sure as hell deserve it. (Cuss #2.)
  • If there is one thing good about the Epic Injury Plague of 2011-12, it’s that our AHLers are getting a massive dose of NHL experience. When finally healthy, the Sabres will have a great bounty of ready, confident prospects to call up for an easy and effective lineup insert. Also, now adjusted to NHL-speed hockey, the same prospects are going to tear the AHL apart when they go back to Rochester.
  • Speaking of the Amerks, it’s nice to have them back, isn’t it?
  • Hockey Heaven is still Hockey Heaven. We’re still building on and off the ice.
  • The Labatt Pond Hockey Tourney and the Powder Keg festival are coming up.
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Beers, brats, ice mazes, and broomball. I love winter in Buffalo.

  • Remember how exciting it was when the Sabres would react to a major slump by making a blockbuster trade? Remember rushing to… the Sega Genesis… to check on the new Sabre and his stats? Yea, it’s been a while since we became a “Stay the Core” team, but we might get to see a fun little shake-up if the Sabres don’t figure things out after they get healthy.
  • While Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier remain entrenched in their positions like third world dictators, as a result we have the wildly entertaining @FakeDarcy and @LindyRuffsTie – now both featuring blogs. Check ’em out.
  • We have the Christmas Miracle that is Bill Max Powers:

That’s a hard act to follow, so I think I’ll stop here.

Now, don’t I feel better?


Dammit. (Cuss #3. Better go light some candles.)

I need another shot of that stale coffee.

Go Sabres.

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