For Sabres and Bills fans, Thank God it’s Monday

“Someone has a case of the Mondays!”

If that’s you, don’t fret. You’re not alone with that feeling in the City of Mad-as-Hell Neighbors. Our top pro teams, the Bills and Sabres, just delivered another weekend full of frustration, ineptitude, and sickening losses.

Some of us are numb to it, and for good reasons. The Bills have been doing this to us for years, but a more recent trend has the Sabres habitually falling apart on Saturdays as well.

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Ain't no amount of coffee gonna' save us from this sports hangover.

Steel yourselves: here’s a run-down on the Sabres’ Saturday night performances:

  1. Oct 8 (in Europe @ LA) – 4-2 Win
  2. Oct 15 (@ PIT) – 3-2 Win
  3. Oct 22 (@ LA) – 0-3 Loss
  4. Oct 29 (vs FL) – 2-3 Loss
  5. Nov 3 (@ OTT) – 3-2 Win
  6. Nov 12 (@ BOS) – 2-6 Loss
  7. Nov 19 (vs PHO) – 2-4 Loss
  8. Nov 26 (vs WAS) – 5-1 Win
  9. Dec 4 (@ NSH) – 3-2 Win
  10. Dec 10 (vs NYR) – 1-4 Loss
  11. Dec 17 (@ PIT) – 3-8 Loss
Meanwhile, the Bills’ annual self-destruction started in November. After beating Washington 23-zip, the Bills lined up against the New York Football Jets on the 6th. With the Bills at 5-2, the ultimate football buzzkill was about to begin:
  1. Nov 6 (vs NYJ) – 11-27 Loss
  2. Nov 13 (@ DAL) – 7-44 Loss
  3. Nov 20 (@MIA) – 8-35 Loss
  4. Nov 27 (@ NYJ) – 24-28 Loss
  5. Dec 4 (vs TEN) – 17-23 Loss
  6. Dec 11 (@ SD) – 10-37 Loss
  7. Dec 18 (vs MIA) – 23-30 Loss


Since that November 6 weekend, Buffalo fans have endured 11 losses and 2 wins between their two once-promising teams.

The good news on this particularly putrid Monday is that the Sabres are still very much alive, (once they figure out how not to play like zombies as they continue to crawl up out of the grave that they’re digging for themselves).

For fans, well, we all feel a bit like we just crawled up from a grave – again. Hungover on beers, brats, and bad hockey and football, there sure doesn’t feel like there is anything much to look forward to next weekend. In fact, the very thought of it kinda makes my own flesh crawl.

My simple advice: keep your trips to the water cooler brief, and avoid eye contact with anyone wearing Buffalo Bills/Sabres themed clothing. If you’re lucky enough, your fantasy football team is winning in the playoffs right now. Especially since the playoffs are, for now, a question mark for the Sabres this season, and a big question mark for the Bills for their foreseeable existence.

Good luck sleeping this one off, sports fans.

Go Bills.

Go Sabres.

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