It’s Beginning to Look a lot like 2007


The weather hasn’t even gotten cold enough for the annual flu bug to strike the Sabres, but the injury bug has certainly gone past its quotas. The Sabres are dropping like the little kids on the Tim Hortons teams at intermission.


The current ” mystery forward” being injured in the Sabres loss to Columbus on Friday night, in addition to Robyn Regehr also being injured in the game, makes for the ninth Sabre crowding the press box.


It is safe to say that we are more Amerks than man…or Sabres.


Jochen Hecht recently returned from a concussion that had kept him out from the beginning of the year. Ryan Miller is also suffering from a concussion, though it hasn’t created the panic it would have if this was two seasons ago. Tyler Myers, Mike Weber, Tyler Ennis, Robyn Regehr, Brad Boyes, Cody McCormick and Patty Kaleta are all also suffering from various bodily injuries.


The injury plagued team now made up of mostly of the farm team has a warm fuzzy feeling to the 2006-2007 season, in which practically every game brought a new injury. It also brought that time that the Sabres and the Senators had a minor disagreement back in February 2007 that brought on one of the biggest brawl in the history of the NHL.


Not to mention the playoffs in 2006, in which defensemen were as hard to find on a Sabres roster as they are to see in a Sabres game.


A lesser team would probably be in panic right now, but our responses seem to be somewhere between ‘ oh, it’s November’ and ‘ it can’t really get worse.’ While the parent team seems to have some stomach aches to work out, none of them- or at least the top of the list- appear to be the called up Amerks.


In fact, the future Sabres are probably lining up to see who comes up next, as it is appearing to be a bit of good luck- both Corey Tropp and TJ Brennan have both recently scored their first NHL goals. Zack Kassian, whose call up after Wednesday’s Bruins game now seems a thing of the past, recorded an assist on Buffalo’s only goal in the Columbus game.


Goaltender Drew MacIntyre (that guy in the beanie who has been sitting at the end of the bench, in case you didn’t know) has had little time with the Sabres, but hasn’t upraised any panic just yet. He played more than half the Columbus game after Enroth was pulled, only letting in one goal on sixteen shots.


That’s good, for Buffalo terms at least. Though MacIntyre’s previous NHL experience (he’s twenty-eight, its okay, I was shocked, too) has much credit to both NHL and AHL skills.  Perhaps it would be a nice breath of fresh air if Mac took over for Enroth tonight.


Before getting concerned with how many points we leave a game with, lets work on ending a game with the amount of players we started with.  But hey, it’s hockey, if you’re not bleeding, you’re not trying.

 Its Beginning to Look a lot like 2007

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