The “Mike Weber Watch” is Back!


Let’s hope this lasts for more than just one game.

Here’ how the “Mike Weber Watch” concluded after last season:

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Not pressbox material.

There’s been a lot of talk that Weber made it onto the ice for last night’s game against the Habs because of the Lucic incident, because Myers failed to respond to what was happening at the time. Which is ridiculous. Myers should return, but Weber should stay in the lineup. Not only do the Sabres need more than one defensive defenseman (Robyn Regehr), but there’s also this issue:


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(Stats from before last night's game.)

That’s pretty alarming. All three were listed in the top 25 in the NHL in the GvA department. Myers, the scratch, had at least been hitting, but Marc-Andre Gragnani has had issues all season long asserting himself along the boards. He’s an open invitation for teams to enter the Sabres’ defensive zone on his side of the ice without thinking about getting hit.

Weber is -3 on the season, but the above list of egregious giveaways and uninspired lack of hitting are the real liability on the ice so far this season. I like Gragnani and what he brings to the power play, but that specialization is only good for a few shifts a game, if that. Let Ehrhoff, Leopold, Myers and Sekera take care of the PP. The Sabres need more grit on the blueline.

If Myers returns, hope for Gragnani to take a turn in the pressbox. (This, of course, is up to Lindy Ruff. So don’t hold your breath.)

More on Weber’s season thus far:

  • After 2 games played, Weber is already 10th on the team in hits (9).
  • At his pace of 4.5 hits per game, Weber “would” have 76.5 hits after 17 games played. Regehr has 47.
  • The Sabres need teeth. Weber’s got them.

Click on the link above – it will take you to buffalo74, where the “Mike Weber Watch” will be ongoing throughout the season. For today, here’s a screen shot of the watch from last night.

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Go Sabres.

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