Where Are They Now: And What Are They Doing? Paetsch Edition

How quickly we forget, don’t we?

Nathan Paetsch was one of those role guys that never really broke out of the AHL mold enough to find a way onto the defensive roster here in Buffalo – or in Nathan’s case, on the offensive roster either. He was a utility – useful enough to keep around, but not useful enough to use. After failing to find a home on our home ice, he also failed to find a home elsewhere in the NHL.

So off to Germany’s DEL he went.

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From the vault over at "Dear God Why Us Sports." Look them up, if you dare.

That image is a screen grab from one of the “Where are they now” posts from DGWUS. It’s goodtimes reading, so click the link and have some laughs on a night off from hockey.

Goodtimes, unfortunately, have surprisingly not come the way of Paetsch. From “Newsclick.De” (and loosely translated by Google):

And to the discipline. Because that was lacking in Dusseldorf, the EHC lost because of stupid penalties after a 3-1 lead in the final third with still 3:5.For that reason, there was also some need for discussion this week with the coaches. Great value, however, puts the following statement: “We communicate on a good base with the guys we have all addressed throughout a relaxed atmosphere to bring the stuff..”

Great value on bringing the stuff? What kind of incentives does this league have? In the words of Emo Phillips: “It’s all fun and games until it’s your turn to buy.”

That the last zero-point weekend has personal consequences, joined United from not. There could be slight changes in the formations. But: “At our plan will not change so much.” Gross has no intention to sanction poor performance last time with a seat on the bench, but wants to continue playing with four rows of storm. “After a bad game, each player gets a chance to correct his mistake.”

“Four rows of Storm.” Isn’t that one of Kate Bush’s zombie’s new songs?

Nathan Paetsch had the changes not expected to hit anyway. The retrieved as a top defender Canadians, however, belongs also to the concerns of children, even though he leads the plus-minus statistic with the value of DEL +9. This table represents the ratio was at how many goals of their own team in relation to the opponent hits an actor with the same number of players on the ice.

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He never did look comfortable.

Paetsch problem: The EHC expected of him in the offensive highlights for the high content of internal comparison. The 28-year-old brought it in ten games, but only on one assists. “Nathan is dissatisfied with himself. But I will not put him in the corner. We believe in him and help him to,” Gross said, and urged patience. “Nathan was injured last season, is still not at 100 percent.” Get accustomed to anything that added to the larger ice surface in Europe. “Some players need to hold longer. We give him the time.” And Gross said emphatically: “We are not picking on individual players I’ve always said that it will be tough to rebuild..”

If you read all that, then you might find it ironic that Paestch finds himself again in yet another rebuilding project (which the Sabres were for years before and then after the departure of Drury and Briere). He’s also strikingly one of the main names to blame. So, good for him – he may be disappointing on the stat sheet, but he’s found a home, and big name status.

Remember him how you will, but call him #4 now. #4, of EHC Wolfburg, of the DEL.

It’s rare that the Sabres brass can’t glean the talent from a prospect of their own system. Here’s to hoping that Paetsch can find his way out of this murky translation of failure and into the record books of German Glory.

Nothing shall be “lacking in Dusseldorf” again.

Oh, and let us not overlook his sawn song from the Syracuse Crunch before his departure for Germany:

Hog that puck, and go get ’em, Paetschey.

Go Sabres.


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