German Fans Show Buffalo how to be Loud

Well, we have “clappers” now.

The Sabres introduced the foldable thick paper schedules on Friday for the home opener, in order to put some more noise into the FNC. I’m not sure they will catch on, but I sure hope that something catches on in the stands.

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Available in soccer magazines for about 8 bucks. Your voice, on the other hand, is free to use.

Perhaps dulled by a series of bludgeoning disappointments from the Golisano era, or perhaps not yet ready to embrace or understand how to cheer on a top contender, Buffalo fans are not a bunch known to be noisy or raucous.

We’re not exactly a lionizing group for the boys in the Blue and Gold.

I’m not saying that we need cowbells or vuvuzelas. Or even clappers. But heck, can’t we do better? Fans in Germany showed how fans and a team can connect, and positive energy is always a good thing for sports teams. And it sure looked like a lot of fun.

I know, I know. We’re not Europeans. We don’t sing – we chant, sometimes, (often the loudest when the scoreboard prompts us to cheer after commercial breaks) and we… do the wave.

You’d think, with all the pre-game and all the arena beers that we intake, that we wouldn’t be so tame.

Pegula’s 3 year quest for nothing short of Lord Stanley is underway. It’s time we made that journey a loud one, and made the FNC an intimidating place to play.

Go Sabres.

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