Perfect Season Ruined With Sabres Home Opener Loss

To quote an old SNL skit with Cheri O’Teri, “Simmah down nah.

Yeah, yeah I know it’s the home opener. And, I know that the Sabres are supposed to be world-beaters – an awesome, stacked team that is going to rampage over the NHL and forcibly take the cup from all other contenders. Maybe I’m overdoing it a bit and that’s not what most people think.

Point is, many in Sabres Nation think that this is going to be easy. That the Sabres will vie for the President’s Trophy once again. That they’ll cruise into the playoffs easily with one of the top seeds and get to at least the Conference Finals.

Well, maybe, maybe not. Perhaps we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves.  Perhaps we need to take a step back and slow our roll. After all, the whirlwind of the 2011 Sabres European Tour had us in quite the tizzy.

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Then the Sabres came back to an upgraded facility, and that’s an understatement. Have you SEEN the place?  Excellence is everywhere in the organization now. The players are reminded of their purpose and how to achieve it with every step they take towards the ice.

Perhaps the reality of that combined with the fact that it was the home opener had them a little off their game against the Carolina Whalercanes Hurricanes. Even with the additions via free agency, the Sabres are still a relatively young team. You can’t expect to throw all this at them and not take a little time to come together, to gel, and to cope with the fact that they are now EXPECTED to be great.

Expectations are a bitch. Maybe it was a little easier last year when they weren’t expected to make the playoffs. They could play their best hockey because no one would give them grief if they made a mistake or took some chances that might not pay off.

Maybe I’m reading into this too much, as this isn’t Detroit or Montreal where every players actions are scrutinized in detail, but there may be something to it.

In any case, it’s one game. There will be stretches (hopefully not too long) where the Sabres play like crap. We’ve got to take the bad with the good and enjoy every moment of this Pegula era. I for one remember all too vividly just how close we came to losing this team. Let’s  appreciate the wins AND the losses and be thankful for the new ownership that will do whatever it takes to make this a championship team.

Let’s go, Buffalo!

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