Tyler Myers gets Paid; Sabres Management Plan Taking Form

Does it make sense to pay a 21 year old $22 million dollars to play hockey next year?

No. And surprisingly, yes. His deal is part of a pattern now, and Darcy Regier’s plan to bring Lord Stanley to Buffalo is becoming clear. Who cares about how much Terry Pegula pours into this team? Buffalo’s opponents do. They’re sweating this Myers contract, and I can understand why. But it’s not about the money.

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1st of many.

With his seven year deal, Myers will make a cool $12 mil in the 2012-13 season, along with a $10 mil “signing bonus.” That’s a lot of money to heap onto a player who’s just played two years of NHL hockey. It’s the silly money normally reserved for players who have earned UFA status, and are hitting the market as such.

But the Buffalo Sabres aren’t concerned about money anymore. They are concerned about winning Stanley Cups.

Is Myers really worth $22 million? (Note: math error here. See edit below.) Goodness, no. But he is certainly worth $3 million, which is what he’ll make in the 2018-19 season. Sure, Myers is young, too young for UFA money – but this deal gives him prime time money, while also being structured to allow for the Sabres to add to the team in the coming years.

Pegula doesn’t care how much money he spends – he “spends with his heart,” as he said in a press conference yesterday. It’s up to Regier to decide how the money is spent, and now we’re seeing a pattern: this team is building up for something big. By paying big now, they will have the space to add more players later. It’s pretty simple, really.

Christian Ehrhoff (winner of Vancouver’s “Best Defenseman” award for the past two seasons) is making a monumental $18 mil in salary and signing bonuses this year. However, his deal tapers off as Myers’ does – he’ll be making $1 mil to play from 2018-19 to 2020-21. The cap hit for the former best dman of the Canucks is a paltry $4 mil.

Even for top defensemen, $21 million and $18 million is silly money. $5.5 and $4 – a combined $9.5 million for two stud defensemen, is smart, smart, smart.

Sabres fans aren’t used to this kind of math. Words like “cap,” “circumvention,” and “signing bonus” sound like they come from a foreign language. Buffalo is accustomed to being on the other end of the transaction (July 1st, 2007 should ring a bell). I understand why some folks may cry foul over this deal.

Let them cry all they want. Let ’em cry loud, and strong.

After all, they aren’t really upset about the contracts that lockout year was supposed to prevent, unless they have selective amnesia. We were all taught that the lockout failed when Drury, Briere, Gomez, et al were handed the largesse contracts that changed the monetary culture of the NHL.

2007 was our turn to cry. We’re over it. So again – let the cryers cry, and the naysayers nay. The Sabres are building. Tyler Myers will help Buffalo win a Stanley Cup. His friendly long-term cap hit will help Buffalo win a Cup again.

Yea, let ’em cry folks. It ain’t fair. We get it in Buffalo. It wasn’t fair in 2007, and it’s not going to be fair in 2012. It’s not going to be fair when we take the best players from other teams.

But we’re going to do it.

NHL fans outside of Buffalo have been put on notice with these deals. Sabres fans can tune out all that money talk. The only thing that matters in this town is Lord Stanley – and that is what the other teams and fan bases are really worried about. Cry all they want, Terry Pegula, Darcy Regier and the Sabres aren’t done yet.

Go Sabres.

EDIT: As Jeremy White from WGR55 pointed out to me, “The 12 includes the signing bonus. Salary year one is 2 million. Bonus is 10. 12 million next year, not 22.” I guess I definitely am tuning out this money stuff already. Thanks, Jeremy.

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