Hockey Heaven: Big Things in the Works, including a Sabres Ticket Contest

As if the 2011-12 NHL season can’t start soon enough already…

We recently had a chance to catch up with one of our wonderful sponsors, “Hockey Heaven,” (store716), to see how their offseason has been going. It turns out they’ve been up to a lot – including a ticket giveaway (more on that later). Settle into your old Aud seat and enjoy our little Q&A – it looks like we’re in for quite a ride on and off the ice this year.

BSN:  Ted Black said he wants Buffalo to be known as “Hockey Heaven” to the 800 players in the NHL. What’s your vision for Hockey Heaven?

Ultimately, we want the world to recognize Buffalo as Hockey Heaven. We want to hear Doc Emrick open up the NBC telecast from Buffalo with “Welcome to Hockey Heaven.”  Heck, we want to hear a Bills game telecast open with “Welcome to Hockey Heaven.” We want to wake up some day and hear Al Roker doing his Today Show weather report mentioning that “there’ll be a little bit of snow over there in Hockey Heaven for our friends in Buffalo.” And we want the whole town to bring Hockey Heaven to life in their own way… and have fun with it.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see people dressed up as Hockey Heaven inspired biblical characters at the F’N Center?  Can’t you see a guy dressed as Moses carrying a replica Stanley Cup and a sign with the 10 Commandments of Hockey? Or better yet, a group of Buffalo Hockey Angels complete with halos and wings? 460w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Yes, it would be awesome. What a playoff beard.

BSN: How have your charitable efforts been going over the summer?

Well we knew right away that if we were going to be bold enough to assume any type of stewardship for Buffalo’s “Hockey Heaven” moniker, acting “Heavenly” had to be a major focus long the way.

We’ve been lucky enough to make a little money selling Hockey Heaven t-shirts and we’ve been able to turn that around and help out a few great organizations and causes. We’ve been able to donate shirts to a bunch of local family fundraisers as such.

We made a nice donation to Buffalo Hearing & Speech from participating at their BrewFest event and we’ll be supporting the Huntington’s Disease Society next month. We’re also supporting youth hockey in Buffalo.  We’ll be sponsoring the Backyard Classic hockey tournament ( which supports Hasek’s Heroes and The Assist Foundation ( which helps underprivileged kids with hockey expenses.

On top of that… we absolutely LOVE giving back to the Hockey Heaven Faithful!  Last year we gave away a bunch of shirts, 3 pairs of Sabres tickets… and even had a few $50 cash prizes for photo contests.

BSN: Wow. What’s next?

We just released the Pegula “Like” tee that’s gotten a pretty great response already. We’ve already got verses and designs lined up for RJ, Myers, Ennis and Regher that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

We’ll be adding some kids sizes, sweatshirts, winter hats and maybe even a few other things. (and we’re always up for more ideas).

As for contests, We may make the #FreeTeeFriday a tradition and we’ll have a pretty sweet ticket contest to announce soon. (Anyone need 200 Level seats to the opener?)

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Hockey Heaven let us know about a couple choice events that they’ve also got in the works:

We’re looking into organizing fun “marathon skating” fundraiser event this winter. We’re also in discussions with a major corporate sponsor to organize “Hockey Heaven Night” viewing parties for every Sabres away game this season.

Yep. Like I said at the top – can we start the season already or what?

We’ll keep you updated on Hockey Heaven’s efforts here on BSN. With all that Pegula has done, and with all that local businesses such as Hockey Heaven are now doing, this coming season looks to be one hell cloud 9 of a time.

Go Sabres.