The Pominville Injury: Update

Pominville is on schedule.

Thanks again to Abby Corsun Sims (MS, PT) of “ for her advice on what poor Pommers has been going through during the summer and what to expect throughout his recovery. In case you missed it, we had a conversation with her here on Buffalo Sabres Nation a little while ago. 350w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

It's been a long road of recovery for Jason, but things are looking up for him now.

We concluded that post by reminding folks that with this type of slow-rehab injury, the best news is no news. Well, he’s progressed to a point where we’re now getting updates on his recovery. During a press conference addressing the signings of Matt Ellis and Andrej Sekera, Darcy Regier had this to add about Pominville (compliments to Black and Blue and Gold for wrapping up the presser on their site):

Probably the most important comment of the night came when the general manager was asked about Pominville’s progress rehabilitating from his horrific injury. Asked if he expected the forward would be ready to go at the beginning of training camp, Darcy said, “We do. Everything is on course and we expect him ready to go.”

For more on the Sekera and Ellis signings, bang on that link to BBG.

Go Sabres.

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