Have the Sabres Become the new New York Rangers?


I’ll give you a moment to wipe the spit-take off of your face.

Now that the Buffalo Sabres have become big time spenders in order to become big time contenders, the perception of this team and its management is going to change. Sure, it’s not like anyone ever has anything nice to say about the Queen City anyway, but get yourselves ready to hear “You guys are trying to buy a Cup, so laaaame” all over the internet.

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This image is just plain creepy.

Frankly, the teams now bear a lot of similarities. Both now have a young core that was weaned from the draft, and both have over-spent to hopefully bolster their lineups on July 1st.

In order to assess how Sabres fans feel about this troubling comparison, I did some very scientific research: I consulted the Twitter. Here’s a few gems from the Sabres Nation Twit Poll:

  • @Sabrefreakydeak: Yes & No> Yes: TPegs flexing financial muscle. No: Nobody can make idiotic decision quite like the tandem of Dolan & Sather.
  • @MintyP69:  no, because the talent we bought into isn’t here because of our name & they are still in their prime
  • @MusingMaryAnn: Think of it as trying to catch up with the rest of the League who had a jump on us in the past. Spending money is new!

Essentially, the Rangers are stupid with their money; at least the guys we added are young, and shouldn’t fall to pieces like Redden, Gomez, Drury et all did on Broadway. Adding the concussed 31-year old Brad Richards will be the Rangers’ next risky signing. Barring injury, he should do very well for himself in New York, but these older UFA’s do have a tendency to break.

I know we all wanted Richards, but Leino and Ehrhoff in their prime may actually have been a better investment as we continue on with Pegula and Black’s three year Cup plan. Oh, and Regehr the Destroyer is going to put fear into the opposition every time he steps on to the ice.

Spending money is new – it’s fun, and frees up the fan base to speculate on pretty much anyone in the NHL. However, you’ve been warned: other fan bases are going to hate us for “stealing their players” and begin to berate Pegula for paying for a Cup. I’ve already seen one sore loser rename our team the “$abre$.” Whatever.

Like I said, it’s not like anyone has anything nice to say about us anyway.

Keep spending, Peggers: we’ve got your back on this thing. We’ll man the message boards.

Go Sabres.


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