The Offseason: Ain’t it Funny how the Night Moves

This was a fun night to be a Sabres fan.

“How,” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. While hockey players hit the links, fun and informative (and some disappointing) stuff continues to filter through the summer sports abyss. (Sorry “Home Run Derby,” but the only thing worse than “Home Run Derby” is highlights of “Home Run Derby.”)

We’re deep into the offseason now, and hockey news is hard to come by (save the delirious rants of HF Boards rumor-supposers. Schenn for Stamkos? Put out the “cigar,” sir).

Still, it’s been a fun day here in the B-lo. Here’s our mentions (which I am sure won’t make the ESPY’s, but more on that later):

Maxim Afinogenov is getting married!

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Hey Lindy - someone finally cracked the "enigma code!"

For those who care, that’s tennis star (now retired) Elena Dementieva who is the beautiful bride-to-be for the (now NHL-retired) Afinogenov. As for what they are drinking, well, with Max comes always some measure of mystery. Odds are that vodka is involved.

Meanwhile, over at the “ESPY’s,” which apparently happened, a lot of hockey folk got left out. Tim Thomas was not even an afterthought for whatever “American Athlete of the Year Award” they have these days, and Rick Martin was left out of their eulogy sequence. I don’t know if ESPN is trying to make a statement and pick a fight with the NHL here, but I do know that you never, ever, pick a fight with a hockey player.

God speed Rico – we still miss you.

 The Offseason: Aint it Funny how the Night Moves

Kate Holzemer over at “The Willful Caboose” has taken up an ambitious project. She is trying to compile a list of every Sabres blogger – that’s right – every Sabres blogger – on “the blogosphere.” (Also known as “the planet.”) It’s an ambitious job, and we wish her well, and that her project unearths some hilariously Google-translatable Jhonas Enroth blogs from Sweden.

The vertical jump – why do they do this in the NHL scouting combine? What can it tell us about these kids? These questions came up on my Twitter feed today, and frankly, it’s a good question. Simply explained:

  • Several investigations have clearly shown that higher/longer-term jumps in elite athletes, as compared to non-elite athletes, indicate a superior anaerobic capacity.
  • Anaerobic capacity: the ability to carry out muscular exertion without the immediate usage of oxygen
  • This¬†translates to the “burst” off the line or how well a player can “sprint” at the end of a shift
  • Also translates well into the “Foligno Leap”
Go Sabres.
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