On the Sabres Blogger Summit


Terry Pegula continues to reach out to the fans.

The Sabres Blogger Summit is scheduled to take place on Thursday, at 6:30.  You can tune into live video of the event, or follow it on Twitter.  More information on coverage can be found here.

This is definitely one of the more intriguing outreach programs that the Pegula/Ted Black regime has come up with, and holds a lot of promise for all Sabres bloggers out there – whether they be of the dozen attendees or not.  All blogs stand to benefit from a connection that should have been made years ago.

As I have said many times before, the talent level and quality of output that the Sabres blogo-rinks possess is remarkable, and was, until now, an untapped, non-networked resource for the Sabres front office and marketing teams.  Of course, the Summit does bring up a lot of questions, too.

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Such as, "Will there be beer?"

Back in February, Pegula and Black met with the editors of the Buffalo News in a sit-down “summit” of their own.  One of the first things that Pegula wanted to bring up was how often the News casted the team in a negative light.  His challenge to the editors was that their constant negative, non-objective barrage of uppity rhetoric had a direct and deleterious impact of the product on the ice.

We all know Pegula wants to bring his positive, “family” style of business to the Sabres, but Terry, you can’t ask to have a say in the media.  (Not that I have to say it – Jerry Sullivan already lambasted Pegula for this.)

This kind of strategized agenda has some blogging folks worried about what might take place on Thursday night: will there be a subtle attempt to draw the blogosphere under their guidance?

Rest assured folks, this ain’t a power-grab.

I have no idea what is on the meeting agenda, of course, but Pegula and Black are not doing this for propagandistic purposes.  These guys are very smart – and they know that the bloggers that they have invited are also very smart.  What this is, unless I am shockingly mistaken, is an outreach to not only award Sabres bloggers’ vast efforts with a simple acknowledgement and thank you party, but also to establish a connection with the blogs that should have been made years ago.

These blogs out there have content that fans will never see in the Buffalo News.  That’s not a knock against our one newspaper in town; they are limited in space and can’t print everything.  Still, the blogs provide the drooling fan base with much that cannot be found in print – detailed prospect/draft analysis, historical factoids stories and tidbits, real in-depth explanations as to exactly what is happening on the rink on any particular day (more so than the News can fit into print), and sometimes, a healthy and heartwarming dose of snark.

The blogs have simply been an untapped resource for far too long.  It was a no-brainer to Pegula and Black to make this connection. It can only build the fan base and strengthen its savvy.

Oh, and for those of you that have asked, BSN will not be a  part of this year’s summit.  I’d love to go, of course, but heck – I just started blogging on January 28.  BSN is just over a month old.  The blogs we need at this summit are the ones that have been around for a while, the ones with the experience of how they’ve been treated, and with a full understanding on the impact that they have on Sabres Nation.  That’s the impact the Sabres want to recognize and utilize.

There will be great things to come out of this meeting, folks.  And not just for the blogs, or the Sabres.  Many fans are going to be made much more aware of a network of Sabres minds out there that they never knew existed.

It’s going to be a win-win-win.

@SabresDotCom, the official Sabres Twitter feed, announced some of the attendees yesterday.  I highly encourage you all to check out their work:

  1. @PhilBBG (Philip Kneitinger) of Black & Blue & Gold – any readers of my old blog “buffalo74” or of BSN are already aware of my respect for this guy, and he’s been a great mentor since I stepped into this wonderful Sabres blogoworld.  Follow him on Twitter and earmark his blog.  You’ll be glad you did.
  2. @TopShelfCookies (Heather Birmingham) of Top Shelf Blog – another great Twitter feed, and another great blog, and she is asking for your questions to bring to the summit in her latest post.
  3. @ChrisRyndak (Chris Ryndak) of The Goose’s Roost –  The Roost was the first Sabres blog that I read, years ago, and it showed me exactly how much I was missing by reading just the Buffalo News.  Chris gave me some priceless advice just before I started “buffalo74.”
  4. @HockeyRhetoric (Paul KB) of Hockey Rhetoric – as the title suggests, this blog puts forth some real thoughtful pieces.  It’s one of my favorite destinations on the web, and it should be one of yours, too.
  5. @PatrickMoranBSD (Patrick Moran) of Buffalo Sports Daily – Patrick has been a very much appreciated fan and supporter of my early work here on the interwebs.  His blog covers not only the Sabres, but the entire Buffalo sports scene.

Great folks.  I don’t know why it took me so long to finally start up a blog, but I am glad that I did. Following/befriending them on Twitter has been a blast – especially on Sabres game nights – and I look forward to being a part of this talented and down-to-earth friendly group of folks for a long, long time.

Of course, there’s plenty of blog folk out there that weren’t invited – some of the “unvites” really surprised me, but I suppose there’s only room for so many chairs in the welcome wagon.  Like I have said, there will be great things to come out of this, and it will be great for all Sabres blogs.

And hey – there’s always next year’s summit, right?

Go Sabres bloggers.



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