The Obligatory Chris Drury Post

I totally predicted this buy-out back in 2007.

Not that I am happy that it happened – hey, it wasn’t Drury’s fault that he was handed a king’s ransom to dress up for his favorite childhood team.  It wasn’t his fault that his body sadly began to show signs of age.

ChrisDrurysabres The Obligatory Chris Drury Post

Oh captain, my captain!

A lot has been written on Drury since the news of the buy-out broke, so I am not going to waste your time with my own assessment of what comes next.  I’ve got a different approach for my readers.

Frankly, everything that I would have said has already been said – so if you want to know what I think, hop on over to Buffalo Wins and read Joe Pinzone’s take on the whole “should the Sabres try to sign him” conversation.  Ornery Joe’s read is fun, informative, and really sets the tone on this big ol’ mess.

Now, back to my own post.

I freely admit that my heart was fractured when our Hockey God left town.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  “Drury just signed with the Rangers, the (expletive) RANGERS,” was the announcement from my cousin who was angrily gripping his cell.  Let’s just say that news pretty much put a real damper on that family party.

I can look back upon the Bills superbowl losses, and while those all bother me, they still don’t affect me like the loss of Captain Clutch. He was the heart and soul of our beloved Blue and Gold, a generational player whose play on the ice filled the already cool HSBC arena with a lot of chills and goosebumps.  Down a goal with the clock ticking down was the best part of the game, because you just knew that the Sabres were going to tie it up and then win the thing, and it was usually Drury lighting the red lamp.

The Sabres didn’t win a Cup in either the 2005-06 or the 2006-07 seasons, but they came damn close, and Drury and Co. put out the most exciting brand of hockey I have ever seen in my lifetime.  We all knew it wouldn’t last forever – one the boys at the bar would inevitably say “You know we can’t keep both of these guys.”

We couldn’t keep either.  Drury and Briere both went the ways of JP Dumont, Mike Grier, and later on Brian Campbell would take that same sorry ticket on the Tom Golisano train outta’ town.

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What, you expected the Golisano Express to be something fancy and expensive?

If only Scott Norwood hit that kick.  Yeah, that would’ve been nice.  But for myself, and countless other Sabres nuts, a Stanley Cup for Drury and his soldiers back in the 2005-2007 hockey spree would have made my lifetime fanhood complete.

Wherever Drury winds up, I’ll still be rooting for him.  He did a heckuva thing for this small town city.

So, even if it may be 4 or so years late:

Thanks for the goodtimes, Chris.  You’ll always be a captain in this town.

Go Sabres.


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