Name that Sabre: and the Winner is…


Maybe next time we’ll make the contest a little bit easier for you.

With no one able to figure out which Buffalo Sabres player victim was pictured below, the prize for “future considerations” will be put back on the shelf for the next offseason contest.

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I really thought that calf gave it away. Oh well.


As promised, we’ll be reveling the name inside the Philly sandwich today (especially since I may have allowed myself to sample that six pack of Labatt in my fridge last night – hey, it was hot in my house).  With the reveal, we’ll give you a little history, too.

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BREAKING: the purported prize?

We’ll forgo the drum roll.  Your featured Sabre was:

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Calle Johansson!

Sure, we could’ve used a better image for our cute little contest – but if you think it is so easy to find an image of Johansson in a Sabres uniform, go ahead and try.

The dearth (SAT word, kids!) of Calle/Sabres picks is not without good reason.  Drafted by Buffalo in the ’85 draft (14th overall), the popular Swede went on to record 42 points and a rookie-leading +12. He was included in that season’s All-Rookie Team.  The next season, Sabres netminder Darren Puppa fractured his arm, and backup Jacques Cloutier struggled with the sudden workload.  Buffalo was forced to make a trade.

Johansson was painfully parted with – sent to the Washington Capitals for a goalie who would become a fan favorite in his own right, Clint Malarchuk.  (Bonus factoid: Malarchuk recorded a shutout in his first game with the Blue and Gold, a 1-0 decision over the hated New York Rangers.)

Most fans will remember Johansson primarily a member of the Capitals, especially for his role in helping to eliminate the Sabres from the Eastern Conference Finals in 1998.  He would eventually retire in 2003, was lured back into action by Toronto, and he retired for good in 2004.

Do you have any fun Calle stories from his short time here in Buffalo?  If so, we’d like to hear them – fire away in the comments section below.

Our next “Name that Sabre” contest is coming up soon.  We promise it will be easier this time.  Or not.  Labatt is pretty tasty.

Go Sabres.

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