Hypothetical NHL Namesake Tournament


What if NHL team namesakes actually played each other? By this I mean the representative logos or team names. For instance, could a coyote defeat a Bruin? How about a hurricane versus a devil?  What the hell is a flyer and how would would it fare? We thought it might be fun to do hypothetical playoff NCAA bracket-style tournament to determine the overall winner of such a contest. What say you?

All it takes is your vote, and perhaps comments on how a match might go down.

Since the NHL has 30 teams that means 15 matchups, which is uneven for an East vs. West breakdown. So we seeded teams by their 2010-2011 regular season record with the bottom 2 teams playing each other. The winner of this “toilet bowl” goes on to their respective conference.

Here’s our first matchup and from here on we’ll run more than one per day:

A Panther versus an Oiler

Panther: Quick, fierce, powerful, strong jaws that can rip open throats. These big cats are perhaps the best hunters on the planet and can weigh up to 160 pounds.

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Oiler: A guy who works in an oil refinery or pipeline? These guys are tough as nails and can put in a 16 hour workday without complaining once. They probably smell really bad, which might put off any opponents.

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Who wins? Panther versus an Oiler

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