Jagr to the Habs? (Update)


NHL ’94 enthusiasts, get ready.

Jagr employs \”the move\” on the Habs back in \’94.

It looks like Jaromir Jagr is thinking more seriously about a come back to the NHL, after earning a bronze medal with his Czech team in the World Championships.  I originally reported on this possibility back on May 8th, but the idea was mostly thrown aside by readers as barely plausible.

Still, the talk continues to perculate – and now, it’s Jagr himself who is starting to choose potential teams.

“You never know. Maybe it will be still fun to go back to NHL. Maybe Pittsburgh. I don’t know. Maybe Montreal. Maybe New York. Pittsburgh, I played there for a long time. Mario (Lemieux) is the owner. It’s better to play with great centres like (Sidney) Crosby and (Evgeni) Malkin, this game is a little bit easier and I’m not young anymore.”

“New York, I always had a great feeling about that city. They gave me a second chance. I never forget about that. And Montreal and Canada, it’s totally different hockey. The fans are crazy about hockey and I’ve never played in Canada in my life. You never know.”

Sabres fans need not argue about whether or not Reiger should make a move on the rights to the 39 year old winger.  Jagr has absolutely no ties to the team, or the area.  If he comes back, he’ll want to land in familiar territory, so that his latest swan song is as harmonious as possible.

My original article is below (full of exploitation on the cheesy wackiness that is Google Translator verbiage.  Enjoy).

Go Sabres.

Jagr to the Habs?

Posted on May 8, 2011 by scottymcss

Czech translations can be so endearing.

From the Czech news site, “isport.cz,” comes a dandy little article about Jaromir Jagr’s interest to return to the NHL entitled “Jagr wants to Montreal! Returns to the NHL?”

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Czech Photoshop wizardry.

This is the type of zany translation that only a whole screen shot can do justice to.  Enjoy:

 Jagr to the Habs? (Update)

The famous number 68 has done well over his three seasons of being in KHL – the stats!

 Jagr to the Habs? (Update)

Consistency! Jagr not of the leaders in KHL, but shows no slowing even upon 40 years old soon!

Besides the famous icon of Montreal, could Jagr eye attack with other clubs: Washington, New York, Pittsburgh – maybe even Buffalo jump on mind!  Time will yell truth?

For Sabres, Jagr would add some old consistency on right side, provide strong leadership in the playoffs as knows what it takes to put your name on the Stanley Cup!

Buffalo is likely to seek help elsewhere – North America is favorite of Darcy Regier? But with Pegula, the whole world should now be open for the as new owner on the hunt for victory now!

We’ll see.


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